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Jobs Vacancy in Company

12 Sep, 2018 30+ days ago

Company urgently required following position for . Please read this job advertisement carefully before apply. There are some qualifications, experience and skills requirement that the employers require. Does your career history fit these requirements? Ensure you understand the role you are applying for and that it is suited to your skills and qualifications.

Follow the online directions, complete all the necessary fields, and provide all relevant information so your application is submitted correctly. When you click the 'Apply this Job' button (open in new window) you will be taken to the online application form. Here you will be asked to provide personal and contact details, respond to employment-related questions, and show how you meet the key selection criteria.

Jobs Vacancy in Company Jobs Details:

사단법인 한국수출입협회해외 업무 파트 신입 인턴 채용한국수출입협회는 2016년에 설립된 비영리 사단법인 경제단체입니다. 부산 해운대구 해운대해변로 203 (우동, 오션타워)에 위치하고 있으며, 수출입 무역 통상, 투자 유치 등의 업무를 하고 있습니다.Korea Export & Import Association is now hiring a full-time position.We are looking for someone with great enthusiasm and passion for big shoes to fill. ** Job Description- Responsible for restless interest to study export, import, M&A(IPO), sales and marketing.- Responsible for communication with the embassy, economic organization, government organization, and others in domestic and foreign regions. **Job Requirements- Overseas Experience of exportation, importation, sales, and marketing required- Fluency in English is essential, and Spanish is highly desirable. (TOEIC score requirement: 950 and above)- Excellent computer skills using Word, Excel, and PPT- Strong leadership, strategic thinking skills, broad big picture thinking, strong will, strong conviction and most importantly positive thinking.- Flexible thinking and capacity in job execution, open-minded thinking and attitude and strong will to learn- Strong interpersonal and communication skills- Ensure to have a good relationship with boss or colleagues horizontally and vertically- Ensure to behave and comply with the company’s codes of condition- 고용촉진장려금 대상자(우선) **Additional information- 고용형태 : 인턴직- 급여사항 : 면접 후 협의 **Guidelines for Applicants- 전형방법 : 1차 서류전형2차 면접전형 및 능력 테스트- 제출서류 : 국문/영문 이력서, 자기소개서, 각종, 자격증 등 증빙서류- 접수방법 : 사이트 양식 / 이메일: koexima@koexima.com **The Others면접은 서류전형 합격자에 한해 개별통지합니다.남자는 병역필 또는 면제자로 해외출장에 결격사유가 없는 자.제출하신 서류는 일체 반환하지 않습니다.입사지원서 내용에 허위사실이 판명될 경우 입사가 취소될 수 있습니다.;
근무형태: 정규직;
근무지역: 부산 해운대구;
업종: 유통·무역·상사;
직종: 해외영업·무역영업;
키워드: 무역업,수입유통,무역일반,수출입계약,바이어상담,해외마케팅,해외영업;
학력: 학력무관;
경력: 신입;
연봉: 회사내규에 따름, ;
마감일: 2018년 10월 12일 23시;
우대조건: 인근거주자, 문서작성 우수자;
회사명: 한국수출입협회;
주소: (612-020) 부산 해운대구 우동 오션타워 1429호

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